Arlovski vs Barnett – Metal/MMA: R&B

Arlovski vs Barnett

Arlovski vs Barnett

This week we recap the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) on Fox 21 and Bellator 160 cards,then we breakdown the upcoming Fight Night 93, headlined by Arlovski vs Barnett.  We dissect Nick Diaz getting jumped by four guys at the Bellagio nightclub, Hyde.   Cowboy Cerrone signs a new eight fight deal with the UFC and matchmaker, Joe Silva, expected to leave UFC after the buyout commences. 


Fans rejoice as The Ghost Inside post more new videos following their November 2015 bus crash.  Djenty goodness from, Meshuggah, with new song titled ‘Born in Dissonance‘ from, The Violent Sleep of Reason. Lastly, Obituary announce ‘Ten Thousand Ways to Die‘ which will release October 21st.

Our featured band of the week is Young Bull from Lawrence, Kansas. If you love to party and metal, be sure to check out their song Swordbearer‘.

Crack a beer, take a seat as your friends have a shit talking good time!  Matt Stein| Nathan Forcey & Ken Reinart,

Arlovski vs BarnettArlovski vs BarnettKen Rienart

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