Black Mirror: Reflections Episode 002 – 15 Million Merits

Today on Black Mirror: Reflections;  we  discuss Season 1, Ep 2. “Fifteen Million Merits.”   Black Mirror’s first episode was a nail-biting piece of satire that unfolded almost like an episode of 24.  While “National Anthem” was grim and tough to watch, Charlie Brooker’s  “Fifteen Million Merits” is actually frightening to contemplate, and that’s exactly how a good dystopian Sci-fi should feel.  We follow a man named Bing, but we don’t even get his name until about 20 minutes in.  He lives in a tiny box room where every wall is a simulation screen and everything is paid for out of an account of “merits,”  from toothpaste to the power to skip annoying ads.  He earns the merits by riding a bike all day, cycling in circles watching a simple animation of his “Mii-like” avatar.