Black Mirror: Reflections Episode 003 – Entire History of You

Today on Black Mirror: Reflections; we discuss Season 1, Ep 3. “The Entire History of You.” Every episode of Black Mirror so far has nudged uncomfortably close to our reality, giving us a glimpse of a world populated with technology we understand that’s driving extreme behavior we nonetheless fully recognize within ourselves. But “The Entire History Of You” is the most uncomfortable I’ve felt watching this show so far. Written by Jesse Armstrong (the co-creator of Peep Show who also wrote for The Thick Of It and scripted Chris Morris’ brilliant satirical film Four Lions), the episode centers around a piece of equipment that is horrifyingly easy to imagine catching on—a computerized “grain” implanted in your skull that records everything you see for instant playback and storage whenever you’d like. Playing back is called “re-doing,” and almost everyone in the country’s doing it.