Blazing Caribou Studios Launches “Statecraft” Podcast Series



Blazing Caribou Studios Launches “Statecraft” Podcast Series

Show Traverses US Politics With Satire, Investigative Journalism, Discussions, and More!

PEORIA, Illinois, – March 1, 2017 –  Blazing Caribou Studios is proud to announce the arrival of Statecraft on the network, a political program helmed by veteran podcaster and political reporter Brett Stewart and podcasting newcomer Reagan Simms. The program, which was launched in impromptu fashion at the inauguration of Donald Trump in Washington D.C. last month, has released its three debut episodes, available now on its feed and all major podcast apps and platforms.

Statecraft will aim to combine several unlikely elements of political podcasting: commentary, investigative journalism, satire, and more. The first of the three debut episodes of Statecraft will offer an insight into the program’s investigative features, and the following two episodes provide a glimpse into the articulate panels the show plans to moderate.

Statecraft is also endeavoring to arrive in a live format on Thursday evenings, details pending in the coming weeks. Listeners can connect with the show at Feedback from listeners is most welcome and additional commentary, musings, thoughts, and angry ramblings will be read on the next week’s show!

This new program will be quite unlike anything else in the political podcasting community, a welcome addition to the Blazing Caribou family worth taking note of! Listeners should also note that Statecraft aims to be an accessible program for those who looking to avoid the partisan hackery of modern political reporting and commentary!

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