Colossus, UFC 210 – Rounds & Breakdowns – 3



 Blazing Caribou Studios is excited to join forces with Nathan Forcey and bring you Rounds & Breakdowns a Mixed Martial Arts podcast.  Producing some heavy pounding, knock-down entertainment!
In it’s latest episode, “Colossus“, Nathan is joined by co-host Jimmy Kanno to discuss the upcoming UFC event, UFC 210.  They also discuss last week’s Bellator 175 results and the week’s top MMA news stories.  Nathan and Jimmy are joined this week by Evan “Colossus” Kichura.  They get his take on the news and find out his predictions for UFC 210.  They also find out that Colossus does not agree with ANY of their fight picks.  Find out this weekend who was right and who will be at Bayshore Mall getting his bowl on!  Maybe Bed, Bath, and Beyond…..see if he has time.