Conservative Comic-Con – Statecraft – 3

Conservative Comic-Con

‘Conservative Comic-Con’ – Episode 3

In this episode of Statecraft, Brett Stewart and Reagan Simms delve into recent Trump administration action in regard to transgender students in public schools. The president expands groups of immigrants that can be deported, and Kellyanne Conway fires shots at liberal feminists. (While also claiming she isn’t one, but sort of is? Who knows.) Stewart and Simms also discuss “Conservative Comic-Con,” or rather, CPAC, an event where everybody’s favorite former Breitbart senior editor was taken off the guest list. Also, is Bill Maher irrelevant? Here’s the article we cited on the show. Statecraft wants to hear from you if you spot Maher and Milo out on a coffee date! is where you should yell at us! Shoot us a message and we’ll read it on the show next week. Let us know if this should be a live show, too!

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