Trivia Geeks Show Booking

Thank you for your interest in being a guest on Trivia Geeks! There are a couple of things that are important to be aware of before your show booking.

  1. We currently use for Trivia Geeks and the show goes live on YouTube, please subscribe here.
  2. Please complete the form below in full.
  3. Choose KARI SIMMS  as a host.  If your date is unavailable, please contact
  4. You will get a 45 second spot on the show to promote your podcast, book, artwork, or whatever you feel you’d like the audience to know about you.  This is our thanks to you for coming on this show.
  5. Please note, Trivia Geeks has an Trivia GeeksTag.

Thank you for being a very special part of the Blazing Caribou HERD! Have a great show!

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