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Frothy Beaver

It’s a NEW Season of Trivia Geeks!

Frothy BeaverIf you’ve been meaning to listen to Trivia Geeks Podcast, this is one that you surely don’t want to miss!  It’s a new season and a whole lot more on Trivia Geeks! New hosts, new games, and a new play-along App!  

This week Canada’s Cash Cab, Adam Growe takes on Major Spoilers, Matthew Peterson in a feature length episode that is bound to leave your sides hurting.  On the Frothy Beaver episode Adam discusses how to keep a Canadian warm at night, Special host Imran Javed loves his sperm, Matthew enjoys a “Frothy Beaver,” and Kari explains how a cheetah mauls you in Canada.  This is the episode that you have to listen to, if you love trivia and love to laugh check it out.

Question of the Week:

Kari and Adam were asked:  In which country is it on the books that it is illegal to kill a sick person by frightening them?

  1. England
  2. Japan
  3. Madagascar
  4. Canada

Then answer will stun you!  Find out the answer on this week’s episode!

Forthy Beaver

Trivia Geeks is the internet’s most unpredictable game show, where anything can happen and usually does! Each week Kari Simms and Imran Javed battle it out with their celebrity guests to win trivia supremacy over the internet. Watch host Shawn Burns try to herd these cats into submission.  You can WATCH LIVE HERE Wednesday NIGHTS AT 9:00pm Eastern.

Our guests this week:

 Adam Growe Vs. Matthew Peterson

Frothy BeaverAdam Growe  is a man that has hosted 8 seasons of Canada’s Cash Cab. He has shown his comedic chops on #Just For Laughs! and #Comedy Central.  Currently he is touring with his live Adam Growe Quiz Show, a comedy show with a trivia twist.  You can play his live trivia game on #Twitter Tuesdays at 9pm Eastern!Frothy Beaver

Matthew Peterson is a writer of the “Retro Review” column on MajorSpoilers and a Co-host on the Top Five Podcast.  He is a pop culture trivia phenomenon.  Comic Books and body surfing are his specialty, although he limits himself to surfing only the freshest of bodies.  Tonight he intends to put his pop-culture knowledge to the ultimate test, right here on Trivia Geeks.


Round 1:  Dumb Laws

Frothy BeaverThis is a Trivia Geeks favorite.  In this game I will give you a multiple choice of a Dumb Law that is ACTUALLY on the current books in a specific state, for 2 points, it’s your job to determine the correct Law.  If you get it wrong, your opponents have a chance to steal for 1 point.

Round 2: Trivial Feud  

In this game we will provide our contestants with a question from Beaver Each team will have to guess the top 5 answers. The object of the game is to give as many right answers as you can.   The #1 answer is worth 2 points and each other answer will be worth 1 point. If you give a wrong answer then your turn is over and play goes to the other team for a chance to steal.  If you clear the board you get 2 pts on top of the correct answer points. All 5 cleared = 8 pts. Total. If you steal you get 2 pts on top of the correct answer points and you steal your opponent’s’ points for that turn.

 Round 3:  Truly Random Trivia

Frothy BeaverThis round is all about random trivia, where anything is of topic, and we do mean ANYTHING. The questions are worth 2 point and 1 point for a steal.  The time will start when I’m done reading the last of the answers in question one. Ten minutes on the clock please.


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