Get Lost 2016 – The Occasional Show – Brian Durkin – Ep.019

Get Lost 2016

Get Lost 2016

Get Lost 2016
Brian Durkin

In this episode of The Occasional Show .  Shawn Burns sits down and talks to Brian Durkin, comedian and host of the Full Belly Laughs Podcast.

Sporadic News of Interest

Get Lost 2016!!! Was 2016 really a bad year for celebrity deaths or were we a victim of over saturation of social media?  The answers may surprise you.

Get lost 2016
Celebrity deaths seemed overwhelming this year.

How well was Brian paying attention to the news of 2016? We’ll give him a pop quiz to find out.

Get Lost 2016
2016 Pop Quiz, are you an expert on 2016?

Enough looking back, let’s look forward to all the fantastic movies and television we have coming our way in 2017.

Get Lost 2016
Illustration by Nick Sewk

We take some time to get to know Brian and how he came to comedy and podcasting, growing up in Philadelphia, the future of comedy and all about the Full Belly Laughs podcast and live shows in the Philadelphia area.

We wrap things up with a game of This or That. See if Brian can win our new Match Game question by correctly matching our audiences’ answer to which do you prefer…The Breakfast Club or Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. A successful match means we’ll donate 50,000 points to a charity of Brian’s choosing.

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