Hollandaise – Trivia Geeks – S3 E2


Oh it’s soon to be the “Hollandaise”…

hollandaiseTrivia Geeks is the internet’s most unpredictable game show, where anything can happen and usually does! Each week Kari Simms and Imran Javed battle it out with their celebrity guests to win trivia supremacy over the internet. Watch host Shawn Burns try to herd these cats into submission.  We are joined this week with a couple of hilarious guys from around the circuit.  Tony Southcotte Vs. PJ Jacokes so let’s enjoy the hollandaise…


Our guests this week

Tony Southcotte

HollandaiseTony Southcotte is our first guest.  He is the Co-host of the Human Echoes Podcast and writes full time. Not only is he an expert on movies and video games, he also is an expert in American History.   Apparently “he watched Hamilton once.” 

PJ Jacokes

That herbal smell isn’t oregano ladies and gentleman. In fact it is the alluring smell of our next guest.  PJ Jacokes is a producer and the co-owner of Go Comedy! Improv Theater. He has been doing comedy for a very long time, so long he in fact witnessed the birth of Methuselah. Ok, not that long. He is a comedy consultant and a performer as well as a public speaker. Above all else, however, he is a new Dad!


Round 1:  Dumb Laws

Frothy BeaverThis is a Trivia Geeks favorite.  In this game I will give you a multiple choice of a Dumb Law that is ACTUALLY on the current books in a specific state, for 2 points, it’s your job to determine the correct Law.  If you get it wrong, your opponents have a chance to steal for 1 point.

Round 2: Third Billed 

hollandaiseThis is a new game on Trivia Geeks.  We will give you a movie title and the top two billed actors. You must guess the third via multiple choice

 Round 3:  Truly Random Trivia

hollandaiseThis round is all about random trivia, where anything is of topic, and we do mean ANYTHING. The questions are worth 2 point and 1 point for a steal.  The time will start when I’m done reading the last of the answers in question one. Ten minutes on the clock please.

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