How Do I Myx? – Trivia Geeks Live! – 13

Trivia Geeks Live! brings you a new episode, simply titled “How Do I Myx?”  you’re welcome.

Imran Javed tries to maintain his composure this week, as the hosts from In the Myx combat How Do I Jump? on Trivia Geeks Live!  Peter & JV Hampton Van Sant try too determine if  “Barf” is a laundry detergent or a pair of Dog’s socks.  Either way, gross in this week’s game “What the H*** is That?  Listen as they team against each other in our version of “Trivia Geek Pyramid“.  Oh did we mention, our best buddy Hammond Chamberlain snuck in on this episode?  Can we all get through this clusterf*ck without Drew this week (the answer is yes, yes we can) but will they be in the end when the penalties trip them up? Tune in and listen to see if they can survive the final round and who will be donned this week’s ultimate “Trivia Geek!”

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