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Today we are going to talk about Legion.  Blizzard’s release of the most confident expansion World of Warcraft fans have ever seen and how it’s bringing fans back in droves, even subscribers that have been gone for years.  

World of Warcraft is on the up-and-up, Blizzard Entertainment announced. When Legion launched on Aug. 30, it had sold through 3.3 million copies — an all-time high for the franchise, tying with the record set by the Cataclysm expansion in 2010.


PVP Only Abilities

Balancing player classes across both PvE and PvP in World of Warcraft has been a long-time struggle for Blizzard. They have to make sure that an ability is useful for dungeons and raids.  But not so powerful that it would give the character an unfair advantage in battlegrounds and arenas.

Blizzard’s solution in Legion is to offer a separate PvP talent system. As players earn Honor ranks, they can unlock special abilities.   These abilities only work in battleground and arenas. In addition to making PvP balance easier to attain.  This new system takes the focus away from grinding Honor and Conquest gear. Your choice of PvP talents and how you use them will matter more than your equipment.



World of Warcraft’s class-specific content has always been uneven. In vanilla WoW, Paladins and Warlocks could pursue lengthy quest-lines to get special mounts. Burning Crusade let Druids earn a special flight form. Many other classes never received this kind of special treatment. Legendary weapons, meanwhile, were typically well-suited to a handful of classes but not others. Blizzard’s solution in Mists of Pandaria and Warlords of Draenor was to offer Legendary rings and cloaks that every class could use. However, the cloaks and rings blurred the differences between characters rather than making each feel unique.

In Legion, Blizzard will allow each class earn special weapons called artifacts. In addition to being uniquely suited to a character class, these artifacts are mostly based on weapons from Warcraft lore. Shaman can earn Thrall’s weapon, Doomhammer, while paladins will acquire the sword Ashbringer. Players can customize artifacts so that they won’t look the same as everyone else’s. These weapons will go a long way toward making each class feel unique.


Class Orders

It was a thrill to own and build up a garrison in Warlords of Draenor, but the feature had definite drawbacks. For starters, it isolated players from each other. Instead of being in a city with other members of your faction, you were in a fortress by yourself. Legion will try to correct this problem with Class Orders, themed bases shared by every member of a class. For example, Paladins will convene in a stronghold underneath Light’s Hope Chapel.

Class Orders also improve on the garrison follower system from Draenor. Players will now recruit a smaller group of followers called Champions. These Champions are more customizable and in many cases are characters from established lore. Furthermore, you don’t just send them out on missions. Instead, they’re more likely to help you on your own quests. Blizzard really seems to have taken criticisms of the garrison to heart.


Legacy & Lore

Doom comes for the Alliance and the Horde as a great burning shadow falls over Azeroth. In this dire new chapter of the Warcraft saga, the demonic Burning Legion has returned, seeking to call forth their fallen leader — the dark titan Sargeras, Ravager of Worlds. As destruction rains across Azeroth, its heroes must seek salvation among the ruins of the Broken Isles, doomed center of ancient night elf civilization and birthplace of myths dating back to the world’s creation. In the face of hopeless odds, they must learn to master mighty Artifacts — legendary weapons that hold the potential to bring down the corrupted armies of the Legion — and strike an infernal pact with the dread Demon Hunters of the Illidari … accursed followers of the infamous Illidan the Betrayer.


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