The Little Prince – See, Here’s the Thing – 27

little prince

We’re baaaaa-aaaack! And we’re raring to go with a review of the poignantly sweet Netflix film “The Little Prince.” Kate & Patrick fawn over the gorgeous animated flick which features the vocal talents of Jeff Bridges, Rachel McAdams, James Franco, and more…plus with music by Hans Zimmer, how can you lose?

The main focus of the episode lies in the unorganized chaos which is Episode 27. Our duo (sort of) presents a few choice news clips from the past two weeks, highlighting the Pirates 5 trailer, a recent still from the live-action Beauty and the Beast, and the green-lighting of the Jon Favreau directed Lion King remake.

But wait…there’s more! You’ll also get Patrick’s take on the plot of Twilight, which may or may not have spawned a film called “Twilight: Don’t Go Staking My Heart.” Kate also gets in on the fake movie business, offering up her nautical romance called “Don’t Stand on My Oyster.”

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