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Mastr Bait

In this week’s episode of Trivia Geeks: Master Bait… & Tackle!

What does the “world famous” Master Bait and Tackle, shop in a quaint little drinking town with a severe fishing problem, have to do with today’s episode?  Download and listen to this week’s episode of Trivia Geeks! Pitting Kari Simms and Brett Stewart, host of Geek Cinema Society against Gary Esch, a Blazing Caribou Studios staff writer,  and Michael Johnson.  They “tackle on nerdy pop culture, random trivia and hilarious games.

Master Bait

Question of the Week:

Kari Simms and Brett Stewart were asked.  Is Master Bait and Tackle an actual business name?

A.  That’s Legit

B. That’s Bullshit

Then answer will stun you!  Find out the answer on this week’s episode!

Unicorn Farts

Trivia Geeks is the internet’s most unpredictable game show, where anything can happen and usually does! Each week Kari Simms and Michael Johnson battle it out with their celebrity guests to win trivia supremacy over the internet. Watch host Shawn Burns try to herd these cats into submission.  You can WATCH LIVE HERE Tuesday NIGHTS AT 9:15 PM Eastern.

Our guests this week: Brett Stewart & Gary Esch

Master Bait       Master Bait

Brett Stewart Vs. Gary Esch

Brett Stewart  is a journalist, musician, writer and podcaster living the Chicagoland area.  He has released several full-length studio albums and is the host of several podcasts, including the Jukebox Podcast, Silver Screens & Politics, and our very own Geek Cinema Society.  Most importantly, he is a consummate World of Warcraft expert and lover of the music of Bob Dylan.

Gary Esch is one Blazing Caribou Studios newest comedy writers.  While he’s new to us, he’s an old hat to Video Games, movies… and talking.  We always enjoy combatting our staff against one another on Trivia Geeks, this one is sure to please!


Round 1: Geek Pyramid

In this game the teams are given the choice between a few categories, whose titles give vague clues to their possible meaning (for instance, “Great Dicks” might pertain to well-known Private Detectives).  The actual meaning will be given after the category has been chosen. Each turn will last 60 seconds, wherein the team captain will give their guest clues to a series of items belonging to the chosen category. You can pass on a word but cannot go back to it. One point is scored for each item correctly guessed. Play then moves to the other team. The 2nd go around you will swap places and the guests will give the clues

Master Bait

Round 2: That’s Legit or That’s Bullshit – Business Edition

The host has before him 20 random and somewhat wacky Business names. The problem is some of the names are true or Legit and some of them are false or Bullshit. The contestants job is to determine which names are legit and which are bullshit.

Master Bait     OR      Master Bait

Round 3:  Truly Random Trivia

This round is all about random trivia, where anything is of topic, and we do mean ANYTHING. The questions are worth 2 point and 1 point for a steal.  The time will start when I’m done reading the last of the answers in question one. Ten minutes on the clock please.

Master Baiter

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