Meshuggah Mask – Metal/MMA: Rounds & Breakdowns

Meshuggah Mask

Meshuggah Mask

Finally, The Violent Sleep of Reason is out and you too can wear your very own Meshuggah Mask! Get them while they are hot!


Khabib Nurmagomedov has boldly stated that gives the UFC an ultimatum. USADA has given Nate Diaz an open warning following his use of CBD oil in a post fight interview. Josh Samman has tragically passed away at 28 and UFC cancels Fight Night 97.

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Metal news was sparse this week; Helmet have released a new song, announced and album, and announced a UK tour with Local H. Sylosis are going on hiatus following guitarist Josh Middleton touring with Architects.  Tool has sent a newsletter telling people to stop asking them about their new album but is somehow 8 paragraphs long.

Main Even this week is our friends from Madison, The Faith Hills Have Eyes with their song, Flash Gordon…Your Jiblets

Crack a beer, take a seat as your friends have a shit talking good time!  Matt Stein| Nathan Forcey & Ken Reinert

Arlovski vs BarnettArlovski vs BarnettKen Rienart