Metal/MMA: Rounds & Breakdowns Episode 006

Following up from last week, The Devil Wears Prada announce a new drummer, album release date and release a video; Lead singer of letlive, Jason Butler, is still insane to watch live, American Head Charge members quit via Facebook.  This week a new segment, The Weekly Hesh With Ken: Anthrax turns 35 and Slayer gets a comic!

In MMA News, Michael venom Page caves in Cyborg Santos’ forehead, Cyborg says he is fine.  Brock Lesnar notified he may have failed a drug test, Mark Hunt is not a happy camper. We also discuss Bellator 158, Fight Night 91, and UFC on Fox 20.

Main Event: Reaping Asmodeia – Indwelling.  Be sure to see them on their headlining run, coming to a city near you sponsored by your friends at, Rounds and Breakdowns!

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