McGregor Vs. Diaz – Metal/MMA: Rounds & Breakdowns – Episode 010

McGregor v Diaz

McGregor Vs. Diaz, – Metal/MMA: Rounds & Breakdowns – Episode 010 Release.  Victory Records responds to A Day To Remember regarding lawsuit, Glen Benton is sad about #Slipknot not taking Deicide on tour, #Giraffe Tongue Orchestra release new video, The new #Norma Jean is hot fire just like Ken’s mixtape, #Lamb of God release new video; #Mark Morton releases essay on losing a child, #Black Crown Initiate robbed in St Louis Generosity page setup to help them get home.

#Travis Brown is expected to face #Fabricio Werdum at #UFC 203 in Cleveland,  The Professional Fights Association finally launched, BJ Penn is back, Jon Jones may be back sooner than you think, #UFC 202 predictions.

Main event: The Unnecessary Gunpoint Lecture – Pissing Match Champions Pt 2 (Here’s Your Fucking Trophy)

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