Money Money Money WTF- Hello Life WTF – 23

Originally Released on 1/3/2018

Happy 2018 everyone!! We’re not really sure what 2018 has in store for us which is what made this episode very difficult for us to do. If you’ve ever listened to us before, then you know we are all about keeping things real and being open and honest with where we are in our lives. This episode is no different. Have you ever struggled financially? If so, please know we completely understand. We may not have any answers for you right now….maybe we will though once we’re on the other side of the mess we’re currently in. -Part of our randomness this week: We recorded late and if you know us, then you know what that means. You’ll hear plenty of song references. If you have a weak stomach then please forgive us for about 20 seconds earlier in the episode. We actually found it pretty funny which is the only reason we left it in. Also, at one point, Perry cries from laughing so hard but what the heck did he find so funny? Later in the episode we both cry but that’s a little more serious. Old Man Gurgle makes a reappearance but this time he brought someone along with him.


Image may contain: Perry-Lindsay Johnson, glasses and close-up