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PVDCAST 100th Episode, Interview with Johnny Orlando

On this episode of The Occasional Show, Kari Simms and Shawn Burns interview Johnny Orlando, host of the PVDCast.  He is celebrating his PVDcast 100th Episode! He sat down with us to discuss his ideas and plans for the future.

Kari Simms Gets to Know Johnny Orlando

PVDcast 100th Episode

Interview Questions:

  1. So where did you grow up?
  2. Did you go to college?  Degree?
  3. Are you a teacher by trade?
    1. how did you get into teaching?
      1. What grades do you usually teach?
        1. What motivates you to stay with this age group?
  4. Are you involved in any community/organizations?
    1. Volunteer work?
  5. What are your hobbies?
  6. Where have you traveled?
  7. What are your favorite books/ comics
  8. Who is your biggest influence in becoming the person you are today?
  9. Where do you see yourself in 5, 10 years?

Shawn Burns Finds out about the PVDcast 100th Episode

“On this episode of the PVDcast, I am joined by Columbus artist, Rich Trask. We talk about Rich’s career, which spans various different art forms. From online cartoons to comic strips to photography, Rich has done it all; including making the jump to the comic book world, working with Nix Comics on an upcoming project. We even dive into Rich’s love of the Incredible Hulk, G.I. Joe and find out what 5 creators Rich would love to have over for dinner! Pull up a chair and enjoy this cornucopia of comic book chatter.”

Johnny Orlando, Host of the PVDCast

Interview Questions:

  1. You’re having your  the PVDcast 100th Episode, quite a milestone!  It takes a lot of sweat and tenacity to get that many episodes under one’s belt.   Congratulations!   Can you tell the listeners at home what the PVDcast is all about?
  2. What made you come up with the idea to do the PVDcast?
  3. Can you remember back to your first episode?  What was that like for you?
  4. What are some of your favorite episodes?
  5. Did any episodes make you nervous?  Explain.
  6. We all have a learning curve when we start.. What major hurdles did you have to overcome to make it this far?
  7. If you could give past Johnny Orlando any advice starting his first episode on his first podcast what would it be?
  8. How do you juggle everything, work, the podcast and family?
  9. What will your 100th podcast be about?
  10. What can the listener look forward to with the PVDcast?

Next week, let’s see what’s on the docket:

  1. Basset Hounds, direct descendents of Hellhounds
  2. How to care for them without losing your soul
  3. Breeding Basset Hounds with minor demons
  4. Cultivating Basset Hound fangs for human sacrifice

Thanks to our writers:  Fletcher Bumpus and Zach Harvey.

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