Repeat That- Trivia Geeks – S2 E14

Repeat That

In this week’s episode of Trivia Geeks: Repeat That?

Repeat That

Can you Repeat That?  Well, sure! Here’s an old episode we had thought we lost but luckily we found!

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This week’s episode pits Phil Rood, cartoonist and illustrator against the lovely Jackie Hern, puppeteer and podcaster.  

Then answers will stun you!  Find out the answer on this week’s episode!

Repeat That

Trivia Geeks is the internet’s most unpredictable game show, where anything can happen and usually does! Each week Kari Simms and Imran Javed battle it out with their celebrity guests to win trivia supremacy over the internet. Watch host Shawn Burns try to herd these cats into submission.  You can WATCH LIVE HERE Tuesday NIGHTS AT 9:15 PM Eastern.

Our guests this week: Phil Rood & Jackie Hern

Rood V. Hern

Repeat ThatA teaching cartoonist and writer, Phil Rood is a Florida native striving hard to NOT be Florida Man.  Instead he devotes all his off time raising his kids and wrangling cats, and vice versa.  His outstanding work can be found at, and he can be reached via Twitter at @philrood or at Instagram as philrood75.
Repeat That

Jackie Hern is a an experienced podcaster who has left her mark across the interwebs with her cartoons, podcasts
and sock puppet theatrics. She also assists as booking agent for the Cordkillers podcast and does public speaking.
She can be found at her website: where you can learn more about her AND see videos of her hosiery clad entertainment.

You can check out the Repeat That? episode and earlier episodes for Trivia Geeks at:  Would you like to be a guest? Do you feel you have what it takes to be a Trivia Geek?  Do you know someone who you want to hear be a guest on our show? Email us, Like us on Facebook, or Book your appointment now!

Repeat That

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