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Sketching Comedy is a live podcast weekly on YouTube that showcases Illustrators and comics from the art world.  Kari Simms hosts with professional artists Imran Javed and Phil Rood every Wednesday at 8/7c.  Draw with the creators and learn in depth about artists like, Todd McFarlane, Fiona Staples, even Bob Ross!

Swamp Thing

In Sketching Comedy’s debut episode, “Swamp Thing” we pay homage to late and great comic illustrator Bernie Wrightson.  Bernie got his professional start in 1968, in House of Mystery #179. Wrightson’s huge body of work includes illustrations for an adaptation of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, the co-creation of Swamp Thing in 1971, and collaborations with horror writer Stephen King, among many other artistic achievements.  According to his obituary, Wrightson “spent seven years drawing approximately 50 detailed pen-and-ink illustrations” for the Frankenstein project, something Wrightson felt was “among his most personal work.”  Beyond comics, Wrightson did concept art for “films such as Ghostbusters, Galaxy Quest and Spider-Man,”

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Swamp thingSwamp thingSwamp thing