Unicorn Farts – Trivia Geeks – S2 E8

Unicorn Farts

What are Unicorn Farts?

Unicorn Farts

In this week’s episode of Trivia Geeks:  Kari Simms and Thinker St. James are both asked by host, Shawn Burns, “Guys; What are Unicorn Farts?”  Was the answer:

A) Bath and hygiene products     or      B) Scented underpants that make your farts smell like bubble gum and mint?  Find out the answer on this week’s episode!

Unicorn Farts

Trivia Geeks is the internet’s most unpredictable game show, where anything can happen and usually does! Each week Kari Simms and Michael Johnson battle it out with their celebrity guests to win trivia supremacy over the internet. Watch host Shawn Burns try to herd these cats into submission.  You can WATCH LIVE HERE Tuesday NIGHTS AT 9:15 PM Eastern.

Our guests this week

Matthew Sargent

Matthew Sargent is a returning champion whose love of all things Star Wars, all things Ska and most things 30 Rock unmatched by ANYONE in the room.  He is the creator of the Bag Drop Comic and had a booth at Count-I-Con.   


Thinker St. James is writer and producer for Haddock News, a satirical news program that has brought comedy, puppets and animation to you since 1894.    You can find his hilarious puppetry and news parodies at Haddocknews.com


Round 1:  Geek Pyramid

In this game the teams are given the choice between a few categories, whose titles give vague clues to their possible meaning (for instance, “Great Dicks” might pertain to well-known Private Detectives).  The real meaning will be given after the group is chosen by the team. Each turn will last 1 minute, wherein the team captain will give their guest clues to a series of items belonging to the chosen group. You can pass on a word but cannot go back to it. One point for each correct guess.  Play then moves to the other team. The 2nd go around you will swap places and the guests will give the clues.  Our Categories tonight:  Categories tonight: “I’m on a Boat!”, “They see me rollin’”, “What’s the Story, Morning Glory?”, “Holding out for a Hero”.

Unicorn Farts

Round 2:  This or that

In this game the teams will be given a strange name of an item or product and two choices about what it is. If you’re right, you get 2 points. If you’re wrong you get no points.  Who who have guessed Unicorn Farts were a real thing?

Unicorn Farts

Round 3:  Truly Random Trivia

This round is all about random trivia, where anything is of topic, and we do mean ANYTHING. The questions are worth 2 point and 1 point for a steal.  The time will start when I’m done reading the last of the answers in question one. Ten minutes on the clock please.

Unicorn Farts

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