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Westworld Showdown

Trivia Geeks brings you a Westworld Showdown, you’re welcome.

Westworld ShowdownIn this week’s celebrity smackdown episode ‘Westworld Showdown‘, Kari Simms and Phil Rood from Brokebot Mountain Podcast faceoff with fellow Westworld friends, David Luzader and Brandon Cruz from the  Apathetic Enthusiasm Podcast and the Rick and Morty Podcast!

Did we not mention Shawn is off this week and IMRAN is hosting for the first time? Get ready to shred those holiday pounds a little early, because this one is a gut buster!

Connect with our hosts and guests |Shawn Burns| Kari Simms| Imran Javed| Phil RoodDavid Luzader| Brandon Cruz

Westworld ShowdownWestworld ShowdownWestworld ShowdownWestworld ShowdownWestworld Showdown

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