You Can Rewind It – Trivia Geeks Live! – 12

Trivia Geeks Live! brings you a new episode, simply titled “You Can Rewind It”  you’re welcome.

Imran Javed tries to maintain his composure this week, as the hosts from You Can Rewind It  join the crew from Trivia Geeks Live!  Brock & Alexa try to determine what color Hippopotamus milk in a rousing game of Legit or Bulls***.  They both argue over whether a hunting license in Ohio is necessary in perusing mice or how old is the oldest piece of chewing gum.  These two are happily married for now, but will they be in the end when the penalties trip them up? Tune in and listen to see if they can survive the final round and who will be donned this week’s ultimate “Trivia Geek!”

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GroundedgroundedDrew Pahbsky