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88 Keys

88 Keys

Today’s episode titled 88 Keys,  Phil Rood and Kari Simms talk about the music that makes  HBO’s series ‘Westworld’  series so brilliant. Take a moment to listen to our favorites and songs that are integral in the tone and feel of Westworld.

Defining: 88 Keys

The piano got its start as a modification of the harpsichord, which had 60 keys. The first pianos, therefore, usually had 60 keys. 60 keys represented five octaves, since there are 12 notes in an octave. … In the late 1880s, popular piano manufacturer Steinway created the 88key piano that is the standard today.


The Music Behind Westworld – Ramin Djawadi

The Man behind the music of Westworld: Ramin Djawadi

88 Keys
Ramin Djawadi: Composer for Westworld and Game of Thrones

Born in Duisberg, Germany the now 42 year old master-composer was first discovered by none other than Hans Zimmer who recruited him to Remote Control Productions after Djawadi graduated summa cum laude from Berklee College of Music in 1998.

From then on he began writing music for the silver screen for films such as Blade:Trinity and The Unborn. Soon after he found his home on the small screen composing the music for Prison Break and FlashForward each of which earned him an Emmy.

Many of his productions have a grandiose feel to them capturing tense moments and perfectly complementing character dialog on screen. From big time blockbusters (Iron Man, Pacific Rim) to epic action-driven video games (Medal of Honor, Gear of War 4) Djawadi’s talents know no limits as he can dynamically produce musical accompaniment for any medium.  

His relationship with HBO began in 2011 where he was tasked to craft the score for a little show you may have heard of called Game of Thrones. Due to the shows’ massive success and the fact that the series’ music resonates with viewers just as much as every plot twist and big reveal it was a no brainer for the Home Box Office to call upon Djawadi once again to create the sonic atmosphere and tonality of their new cinematic epic. The show’s chief-writer Jonathan Nolan had worked with Djawadi previously on the score for Batman Begins as well as on CBS’s Person of Interest so it was a no-brainer to bring Djawadi’s chilling melodies to Westworld once it was green-lit.


With Westworld’s official soundtrack now available and the upcoming Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience tour on it’s way in 2017 you can check out the man’s work for yourself and realize why his soundscapes will be occupying your Monday morning chats around the water-cooler for years to come.

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