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Blazing Caribou Studios

Blazing Caribou Studios is a podcasting network, creating such podcasts as: Brokebot Mountain, Rounds & Breakdowns, Geek Cinema Society, Sketching Comedy, Statecraft, Trivia Geeks, Varmints! and more! The cast and crew behind Blazing Caribou Studios are absolutely remarkable. This staff busts out new and innovative podcasts that beg you, the listener to reach out to us and support us. Take a moment to read about these clever, and gifted individuals, and while you're at it check out their podcasts!

The Herd

Amy Zander

Chief Branding Officer

Amy ZanderAmy Zander is the Chief Word Slayer at Zander Management. A writer by heart and profession with extensive experience in social media management and gathering friends and followers. She may pay some of them, but they are friends none-the-less.

She loves the Oxford Comma, espresso and her pet chickens. Amy hates typos (of any kind), texting abbreviations, and excessive use of hashtags. #toomanyhashtags

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Andrea Mitchell Freitas

Food Blogger, A Recipe for History

Andrea Mitchell FreitasAndrea Mitchell Freitas has a passion for food and a dedication to fitness with x-ray vision on your wallet.  She lives the good life on a budget. Andrea has a voracious appetite for experimenting in the kitchen to min/max nutrition without sacrificing flavor. Most notably she was featured in the Transformation! segment of Dr. Oz The Good Life Magazine (October 2016) where she recounted her 100+ lb weight loss journey and her metamorphosis from couch potato to wellness blogger. She loves kettle bells and dumbbells and wants to transition into heavy lifting for fitness. She is currently in the process of writing a cookbook, and can usually be found on her blog, A Measured Life (www.ameasuredlife.com)

Andrea has established a new food blog at Blazing Caribou Studios, ” A Recipe for History”.  She is also a master recipe connoisseur.

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Brett Stewart

Producer, Writer, Booker, Co-Host: Geek Cinema Society & Statecraft

Brett headshot

Brett Stewart is a musician, journalist, and podcaster who lives in the Windy City. He has served as the editor-in-chief of two publications, Strike Magazine and Our Political Essay, and currently hosts Geek Cinema Society , Statecraft and in his spare time the Jukebox Podcast.

His passions often collide as his journalistic endeavors enter the realms of music and podcasting on an increasing basis. Stewart also has a healthy love of everything Bob Dylan and everything Warcraft.

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David Luzader

Co-Host on Geek Cinema Society & Brokebot Mountain

David LuzaderDavid “Sometimes a fish is just a fish”Luzader  is a gamer, writer, comic book fanatic, and an all-around nerd. This has equipped him perfectly to be on Blazing Caribou’s Geek Cinema Society and, quite occasionally, BrokeBot Mountain.

Outside of the network, he co-hosts Heck Yeah Comics!, a weekly podcast about comic books and the movies and shows they created. When he isn’t appearing on podcasts, he spends his time exploring Virginia with his loyal dog Topanga, trying all the different beers he can get his hands on, or looking for the next Spartan Race or fun run to take on. He plans on writing until something sticks and podcasting until he’s six feet under.

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Donna Hume

Co-Host of the Varmints! Podcast & Graphic Artist

Donna HumeDonna Hume is a Graphic Design student and artist living in Denver, CO.  She resides with her menagerie of pets and her loving boyfriend, author Curtis Craddock. In her spare time Donna likes to play video games or role-playing games with her friends. She’s an award-winning GM with a few nerdy trophies and ribbons on her window sill from past conventions. She enjoys alcoholic beverages in moderation, and binge-watching television.

Donna is one of the hosts on the Blazing Caribou Studios podcast, Varmints! A podcast all about animals by two nerds named Paul and Donna who know next to nothing about animals.

You can check out  Donna’s blog at tiny-rage.com, or check out her Design Portfolio.

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Drew Pabhsky

Co-Host Trivia Geeks

Drew PabhskyDrew Pabhsky is a stand-up comedian, podcaster, and history junkie.  Drew was the perfect choice to co-captain the weekly trivia podcast Trivia Geeks.  Sometimes he wins, sometimes he just loses his mind.  Tune in each week as he rattles of inane minutiae in US history and the like.

You can also listen him on The Broad Street Bully Podcast which combines Flyers talk, ball-busting, and beer for a weekly uncensored podcast that feels like you’re just hanging out with your friends and watching the game.  With a revolving door of comedians coming in as guests and their passion for the orange and black, this is a podcast that is unlike your typical terrestrial sports radio show and one you don’t want to miss.

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Imran Javed

Co-Host of Trivia Geeks & Sketching Comedy: Art Director

Imran JavedImran Javed, A.K.A The Nerd, lives in Chicago, IL. and is a graphic designer by day and co-host on Trivia Geeks and The Jock and Nerd Podcast by night. The Nerd has been drawing since an early age, went to art school in Brooklyn, NY, for illustration, realized he needed a steady job, and started working as a graphic designer.

The delightfully R-Rated Jock and Nerd Podcast was born March 2015 and has not stopped bringing hilariously ridiculous news, reviews and interviews about comic book culture to the masses.

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Ismael Balderas-Wong

Producer Sketching Comedy

Ismael Balderas-WongIsmael Balderas-Wong producer for Sketching Comedy.

Ismael is Berklee College of Music Alumni. He graduated in the summer of 2014 with a focus in Electronic Production and Design.

When he isn’t working on music or other audio related projects, he enjoys spending time with family and friends.  Ish works hard behind the scenes and is an integral part of the BCS family.

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Ivan Hernandez

Producer Brokebot Mountain

Ivan HernandezIvan Hernandez  joined the Blazing Caribou Studio family in October 2016. Since then he has been working of Brokebot Mountain as the producer . Prior to joining the studio, Ivan attended college to specialize in media post production and editing. Along with his work here, he is also a broadcast technician in central PA and a freelance videographer.

Outside of his work, he enjoys being outdoors with a camera in hand or training for the cyclocross season. You could also find him indoors on the PS4 or listening to his vinyl collection which is mainly film soundtracks.

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Jimmy Kanno

Co-Host of Rounds & Breakdowns

Jimmy KannoJimmy Kanno is a podcaster that brings to Blazing Caribou Studios its first sports podcast, Rounds & Breakdowns.  Jimmy Kanno and Nathan bring you a heart stopping, fist pounding good time on their Mixed Martial Arts podcast.

Rounds & Breakdowns produces some heavy conversations about the week in MMA. These guys bring it all to you in a one hour knock-down entertainment extravaganza!

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Kari Simms

Owner, Writer, Comedian & Producer, Co-Host: Trivia Geeks, Sketching Comedy & Brokebot Mountain

Kari SimmsKari Simms is the Owner, and Founder of Blazing Caribou Studios. Kari is a host, creator, producer, podcaster, writer and comedian.  She co-hosts the popular internet game show Trivia Geeks each week.  She can also be found on BrokeBot Mountain with Phil Rood and David “Sometimes a fish is a fish” Luzader, and on Sketching Comedy with artists and cartoonist Imran Javed and Phil Roodch week.  You know what?  From here on, Let’s just let her explain who she is in her own voice:

“I love wine, and the outdoors. I have better hair than Hillary and I’m way funnier. Jesus. She needs to lighten up. I’m engaged to a wonderful and talented artists and a mom a teenager.  Well, technically I was a mom BEFORE I was a fiance, and technically I didn’t give birth to a teenager. Ouchie-mama. But hey, semantics. When I’m not seeking therapy for my Xenuphobia (extreme fear of Tom Cruise); I’m off creating podcasts and hanging with my two dogs, Wolverine (not any relation to Hugh Jackman) & Jake. Don’t get me started on those two. It’s like when ASS meets HOLE. Dogs! When I was little, When I grew up I wanted to go Back to the Future; but I realized that would be put me in an infinity loop so I just stayed in the present. I absolutely love my life, including all those that support me on my crazy business ventures.

I couldn’t do it without the support of the great people at Blazing Caribou Studios.  The people here are so talented and work so hard!  They are all simply amazing.  I thank them for their overwhelming contributions and thank you for your support.”

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Katie Talmo

Head Writer for Trivia Geeks, Co-Host of 8 Bit Avenue

Katie TalmoKatie Talmo is a lifelong writer and gamer whose passion for both have shaped her life in many ways. She has been playing video games since the age of two on her family’s Commodore 64. She could run a program before she could fully read or write. Katie grew up loving game shows and that love shines in her work on Trivia Geeks Podcast. She also loves to watch many TV shows and movies and often quotes her favorites.

She is the Head Writer for Blazing Caribou Studios. Most of her work has been with Trivia Geeks,  but more is on the way! Katie recently began co-hosting the new video game podcast 8 Bit Avenue.  Her expansive history with video games and current gaming habits make this the perfect venue for her to get out her “Squee!”s!   Especially when some exciting news comes out and she can share her nostalgic love for older games and current gaming obsessions. (ahem, Disney’s, Tsum Tsum).

During her screen-free time you can find her wrangling her two wildlings with her husband, and spending time with extended family. Katie is often pretending to be developing her web design skills (but she’s likely on Battle.net playing World of Warcraft or Heroes of the Storm). She is a native of suburban Chicago and as a true suburbanite greatly dislikes “city traffic” but still loves all the culture a large city has to offer.

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Matt Palmer

Co-Host on 8 Bit Avenue

Matt Palmer

Matt Palmer  is a co-host on the 8 Bit Avenue.  In his personal life he is a technician by trade at a rather large telecom company.  Matt is also a veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard.   You can find the U.S. Coast Guard Creed here. He enjoys the occasional Pen and Paper game and is rather obsessed with video games, hence what sparked his interest in BCS podcast, 8 Bit Ave.

Matt Palmer has a love of all things Warcraft.  Especially the lore behind the game.  With the release of Legion, it has sparked a renewed love in the game, and you can find him in his little spare time playing the game.

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Nathan Forcey

Nathan ForceyNathan Forcey is a podcaster that brings to Blazing Caribou Studios its first sports podcast, Rounds & Breakdowns.  Nathan’s co-host, Jimmy Kanno brings you a heart stopping, fist pounding good time on their Mixed Martial Arts podcast.

It produces some heavy conversations about the week in MMA. These guys bring it all to you in a one hour knock-down entertainment extravaganza!

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Nicole Davis

Co-Host Geek Cinema Society

Nicole DavisNicole Davis is a passionate cinephile, professional proofreader, mother, blackbelt, and cat owner, who occasionally sews. She was born in and currently lives in Salem, Massachusetts, with witches, pagans, and many other fine people.

She grew up reading way past her grade level, usually science fiction and fantasy novels, and ended up being made fun of a lot at school for her nerdiness and her refusal to dress like “normal” people.

She is the co-hosts Geek Cinema Society, with  Brett Stewart, and David Luzader.  The weekly round table discussion highlights a new film and guest each week.

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Paul Csomo

Co-Host of the Varmints! Podcast

Paul CsomoPaul Csomo, a semi-typical resident of Earth, enjoys his position as a draftsman at a land surveying firm and as the co-host of a nature and wildlife podcast called “Varmints!”.

He is happy, like a happy little bunny rabbit, when he is doing one of the following activities: creating the Varmints podcast, gardening, playing guitar, playing video games, and creative writing. He is mediocre at best at all of the previously mentioned activities. He also enjoys long, pensive walks on the beach, reading, poetry, poking dead things and hipsters with a stick, and people who say “cock-a-roaches”.

There is a pungent odor in his car that he cannot locate. He currently resides in Bonita Springs with his lovely wife, two kids, a snake, a dog, and a constant plague of zombie ants that cannot be killed by conventional means, so intent are they upon complete kitchen domination

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Phil Rood

Co-Host: Brokebot Mountain & Sketching Comedy

Phil RoodPhil Rood is a cartoonist, teaching artist, writer, truck driver, podcaster, husband, dad, and 41 time loser for People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive.   Phil has illustrated several books and comics and is currently working on a series of illustrated short stories entitled Ink & Sunshine.  Born and raised in Northern Illinois, Phil currently makes his home in Florida with his wife, three sons, and two cats. His home on the web can be found at www.philrood.com

Catch him each week on Sketching Comedy, Wednesday 8/7c and on Brokebot Mountain.
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Reagan Simms

Co-Host on Statecraft, Writer

Reagan SimmsReagan Simms  is our youngest writer and podcaster, but by no means unaccomplished.  She has written a book “Fae’d to Black” soon to be published on www.inkshares.com  She loves to write and theorize on Game of Throne plots.  R+L=J .  She’s a huge Harry Potter fan and even won on Trivia Geeks against the host and his son on that subject.

Her new podcast Statecraft with Brett Stewart mocks, explores and tries to explain, US politics. The show melds compelling commentary, investigative journalism, and wacky satire into a podcast quite unlike anything else.

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