Absolutely Anything – Brokebot Mountain – 46

Absolutely Anything

Absolutely Anything

Today the crew of Brokebot Mountain invites Kate and Patrick from See, Here’s the Thing to discuss the 2015 Simon Pegg film, Absolutely Anything written by Terry Jones from Monty Python and directed by Gavin Scott.  This film has a big team of hitters, including the team from Monty Python and Robin Williams, (sadly) last film.  Why does Kate get sad especially when the human existence as viewed in the theories of existentialism?  We explain why you should absolutely not google Vagina Dentata.  DON’T DO IT!  and why Robin Williams is so much more than a talking dog.  All this and more this week, on one of the funniest episodes ever on Brokebot Mountain!

Absolutely Anything


Neil Clarke, a teacher who has a very bad life and lives in a flat with his dog, Dennis, gets special powers to do ‘Absolutely Anything‘ which was given to him by a group of aliens. When he has these powers, he has to be very careful with them because otherwise it could lead to misery.


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