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adopt or shop

Adopt or Shop? Two Perspectives

In this episode we’ll talk about the pro’s and con’s of adopting or selecting a breeder when adding a new dog or puppy companion to your life. This may answer some of the questions you’ve had and change some stigmas associated with going one way or the other. We will talk about how to decide what is right for you and help you answer the question: should I adopt or find a Breeder? Once you decide your preference we talk about each of these options and the process going forward. In addition you’ll learn how to research breeds or mixes of breeds you’re interested in and characteristics to take into account to ensure whatever route you choose, you provide a “forever home” to your new canine companion and that it’s a solid match. As always, comment with your questions and yours may be the topic of our next Podcast.

Ask Your Dog Guru is a place for dog lovers to get answers to all their canine questions.  Each episode will be filled with dog training tips, answering listener questions, and canine psychology to help restore peace and joy within your home.

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