Alligators – Varmints – 70



Whether you will see us later or in a while, this episode is about alligators and not crocodiles!

But first, the news!

Florida man wrangles gator using wet blanket, broom. Article courtesy of


Current alligator. Future handbag.

Baby Gator Hideout! Video Courtesy of YouTube user National Geographic.

Hey! Yo! Yo! Hey! Yo!

Frozen alligator snoots for winter survival! Article courtesy of



Alligators are more smarty pants than you probably think. Article courtesy of


Viva la difference. 

Swamp People: Stuff Troy Says. Video courtesy of YouTube user HISTORY.

Hoo dawgies! I mean gatories!
Sesame Street: Alligator King, video courtesy of YouTube user Sesame Street.

You didn’t bring me diamonds or rubies, but, you helped me up when I was down!

The American Alligator is a Conservation Success Story. Article courtesy of the US Fish and Wildlife Service.



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