April and the Extraordinary World - Brokebot Mountain - 80

April and the Extraordinary World

David and Phil take in the sites of Alternate-Reality Europe like the Double Eiffel Towers, Third Class accommodations of a cable car, and a screening of April and the Extraordinary World.  The guys take a look at this criminally-underseen animated film from the mind of legendary cartoonist Jacques Tardi and marvel at the brilliantly realized world building.  They also examine the incredible crossover of the cast’s filmography, the tonal shifts throughout, and why Bob Barker would have major problems with the portrayal of Darwin the Cat.  Please do yourselves a favor and watch this movie, listen to our discussion of it, and help us spread the word.


France is stuck in the Steam Age due to the kidnapping of scientists who would otherwise advance technology.  April, a teenage girl, goes in search of her missing scientist parents while trying to complete their work.

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