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Blazing Caribou Studios has given a home to Ask Your Dog Guru, hosted by Victoria Rivera!  We are thrilled to welcome her and all her canine friends to our network family.  Each week there’s a new topic and safe and helpful tips and tricks to help you love and train your canine.

NEW PODCAST “Ask Your Dog Guru” NOW AVAILABLE wherever you listen to podcasts.

Ask Your Dog Guru focuses on education and the training and care of your canine.  This podcast is rated G and is suitable for all.

Ask Your Dog Guru

Ask Your Dog Guru, (Available on Blazing Caribou Studios), asks, have you ever been stumped on what to do when your dog misbehaves? Have you struggled to fix issues with aggression, stealing food, or peeing on the carpet? In every episode of Ask Your Dog Guru you’ll get answers to your canine questions from an experienced Canine Behavior Modification Specialist and get tips, tricks, and advice to restore peace in your home and ensure a happy healthy dog.

Recent Episode

Wolf Ancestry - Ask Your Dog Guru - 24

About this episode

Victoria says about the Wolf Ancestry episode, “I love this episode because there are so many assumptions from pet owners and their dogs about jumping to conclusions that they are actually raising a wolf, when in fact they aren’t.  I loved dissecting that and explaining to people how different their domesticated animal is so different from wolves.”

Fans of the podcast can contact Victoria via Twitter or on Facebook to provide feedback and ideas for the podcast.

About the Creator

Victoria is a retired Dog Trainer who specialized in the diagnoses, treatment, and rehabilitation of complex aggression and anxiety in canines. For 15 years she spent her life guiding owners, reaching dogs with positive methodology, and restoring peace within their homes. Everything from aggression to training service dogs there isn’t much she hasn’t tackled. To this day she consults with other professionals and offers owners and trainers advice on canine behavior and training.

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