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This week the Varmints! podcast goes spelunking into a cave full of creepy but misunderstood and fascinating bats! Join them as they talk about Dracula, Bat-Boy, some obscure DC superhero and learn a thing or two about these creatures of the night!

Here’s some stuff we referenced on the show:

HEY! Head on over to this wonderful bat conservation website to learn a whole bunch more about bats!

Bats have many faces. Many creepy, weird and decidedly not cute faces. But we still love them. Video courtesy of YouTube user Bat Conservation International:

Man’s insatiable thirst for bat poop was the downfall of Nauru. Read this sad but interesting cautionary tale here.

This is a good example of the kind of deep, intensive research that we do over here at the Varmints! Think Tank and Research Center™.

Can humans echolocate? A wonderful This American Life episode has the answer!

Bat wings are amazingly designed. So much so that really smart university type people are trying to replicate them in a lab. Video courtesy of YouTube user Brown University:

Paul Wilk referenced two really great documentaries about bats.  “Secrets and Mysteries of Bats”, and “The Wonder of Animals”. Go watch them when you have a few moments. They’re great!

Martin Landau as Bela Lugosi getting angry at an admirer and talking about Dracula in the movie “Ed Wood”. I couldn’t resist including this because it’s kind of hilarious.

 WARNING: The following clip contains language that might not be suitable for work, children or the very sensitive. Courtesy of YouTube user xuxuschoice:


Marvel Comics Batwing!

Finally, enjoy this compilation of fight scenes from the old Batman live action TV show. Courtesy of YouTube user corijei v2:

 Don’t know what to buy the love of your life for your next anniversary? Well nothing, and I mean nothing says “I love you” like a bat shaped thing that you can hang your keys from:


And it can be YOURS if you follow this link to! Buy it and not only will you earn the undying respect and admiration from your S.O., you’ll help me and the rest of the network pay the bills and keep amazing podcasts flowing into your earholes!


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