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Varmints! podcast is proud to present this dam-tastic episode, Beavers! This critter was chosen by a friend of Varmints! podcast and fellow podcaster, Josh Hallmark, of Our Americana and The Karen and Ellen Letters. You can check his deets out here.  We had a great time recording this one and we learned a lot!

But first, the news!

Rogue beaver “trashes” Maryland store. Read about it here!


He wields daggers. Pwns faces for sure. Hey, Donna only had about a half an hour to do this, so.

Also, we’d like to announce the winner of our chicken recipe contest! The winner is (fanfare!) Bridget Carrie! Here’s a copy of the picture she’s won, along with the recipe she submitted. Congratulations Bridget Carrie and you should expect to hear from us soon about shipping you your super sweet pic! Thanks so much!


“Chick” back with us soon for more contests and fun prizes!

Now, back to the Beavers! Beavers are the arguably one of the finest engineers on the planet.
Check out this video hosted by David Attenborough to learn some more dam-ing information about them! Courtesy of YouTube user BBC Earth.

Hey, you could have a much worse landlord.

Oh by the way, how big is the biggest beaver dam in the world?
Well, you can see it from SPACE. Read about it here, courtesy of


Don’t make a beaver mad. They will slap their tail in the water at you.
Okay, maybe it’s not super scary if you’re a human but it probably works with other animals. Courtesy of YouTube user bearinmybackyard.

Go away or I shall tail-slap you a second time!

Remember the Beaver? You can watch him on YouTube now.
Check out this cool 50s show with it’s busy-as-a-beaver kidlet and his idealized suburban family.
Here’s a clip of the show’s theme song, courtesy of YouTube user Brenda Kaye.

If you liked 90s Nickelodeon cartoons, the Angry Beavers will bring back a lot of great memories.
This funny little series was a blast. Check it out here courtesy of YouTube user The Splat.

How bizarre, and poo poo! Not poo-poo, but POO POO.

BABY BEAVERS. Don’t think we need to say any more about that.
Courtesy of YouTube user Billings Gazette.


 If you want to read the story of castoreum, Snopes has a really good summary right here. Courtesy of

Beaver teeth are orange. Look at this little guy smile for the camera!

Say Trees!

Now you know a bit about beavers! What’s your opinion on them? We want to hear from you! Send us your suggestions for animals you’d like to hear us talk about, or just drop us a line about anything at ! We might even read your fascinating email on the show.

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