Feel the thunder of the mighty herd as Varmints! podcast take you on a journey to learn about the incredible, edible bison!


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User: Honor Knight
Title of the review: “Comedy Critter Chat”
“If you ever wanted to learn about animals without having to slog through a boring high school lecture, this is the podcast for you. Hosts Paul and Donna navigate their way through the wild kingdom with an educational, funny and insightful show that will make you forget you’re actually learning something on your way to Starbucks. Go listen now!!”

  • We love you, too, Honor Knight, the most handsome man in podcasting! Please, everyone check out Soiled Restroom Cinema and have fun flushing some turds with the SCR crew. Might wanna wait ’til the kids are in bed, though. 😉

User: Not as nice as I sound
Title of the review: “Funducational!”
“Have fun and learn something along the way. A great show with humorous hosts, light music and informational topics. Entirely listenable with the whole family.”

  • Thank you, Not as nice as I sound, though we think if you listen to our show you are probably kind to animals, which makes you pretty nice in our books! Also funducational is our new favorite word.

User: PDS Kirk:
Title: “Great show fun discussions”  
“This show is a great bit of fun to listen to. The hosts are fun and the content is great. Everyone should listen to this show and tell everyone they know about it”

User: Bridget Carrie
Title: “My favorite podcast!”
“Fun, sincere, informative and just a little crazy. I love this podcast dedicated to animals.”

  • We love you, Bridget Carrie! Say hello to the chickens for us!

Check out this bison skellie!


Turns out that giant bump is nature’s snow plow, and when you look at the vertebrae, you can see why!

If you dig on mean, bison is delish. Why not make yourself some BBQ bison sliders on plaintain buns? Don’t know the recipe? Andrea Freitas has got you covered with a delicious, nutritious meal. Whip some up for dinner and tell us what you think! You can find the recipe right here!

The American Buffalo was nearly wiped out by Americans moving West. This scene from Dances with Wolves demonstrates the tragedy with heartbreaking accuracy. Video courtesy of YouTube user Graeme Kryzanowski.

Let’s pay a visit to Plato the Bison on the fun cartoon, Adventures from the Book of Virtues! Check out this great video courtesy of YouTube user Sophia Lowe.

Towards the end of today’s episode we talked about the wonderful Native American musical act, Brule and AERO and their super cool album Tatanka. Here’s a beautiful video of one of their shows, A Concert for Reconciliation of the Cultures, Live at Mount Rushmore. Donna has seen these guys in person twice and they are stellar. Video courtesy of YouTube user MioSuper.

We can’t help putting poo jokes and poo information in our shows, both Paul and Donna find poo pretty interesting, so doo-doo take a look at this fantastic article about buffalo chips! Poo-tastic!


Now that’s a pile of crap.

Bison are a missing keystone species that we need back on our prairies, stirring up the dirt and breaking up the decaying plant matter so the prairie plants can thrive! Read this excellent article from The Nature Conservancy, courtesy of


Bison, causing trouble for everyone, and we need more of it!

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Bison antiquus, By David Monniaux (self photo) [GFDL (, CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or CC BY-SA 2.5-2.0-1.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
Featured image: public domain image taken in Yellowstone National Park, available on the park’s Flickr feed.
Pile of Bison poo is public domain but found at Pixabay.