Black Bears - Varmints - 73

Black Bears!

This week on the Varmints! podcast Paul and Donna learn all about adorable, yet terrifying black bears! 

But first, the news!

Scientists Saved a Bear With Fish Skin and Stumbled on a Game-Changing Idea! Article courtesy of

black bears

The bears recovered, were released back into the wild and are being monitored by wildlife authorities. They are doing well.

Brown bear or black bear? Article courtesy of

black bears

Cute and Deadly.

Spirit bears prowl the Northwest. Article courtesy of

black bears

Truth is prettier than fiction!

Check out some black bear color variations! Images courtesy of

black bears

black bears

Q. How fast can a black bear climb a tree?

A. Way faster than you think.

Video courtesy of YouTube user kyler fletcher.

Oh. My. Gosh.

The Average Bear Is Smarter Than You Thought. Article courtesy of, picture courtesy of


Okay so that trash can design didn’t work. Back to the drawing board…

The Story of the Teddy Bear. Article courtesy of

black bears

Introducing Mr. Ted E. Bear!

 Gentle Ben (in the Everglades) TV Show of YouTube user rhmooney3.

Yeah, let’s not do this again, m’kay?

Viewing Bears, article courtesy of

black bears

Hey guys there is a bear right below you. Turn around!

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