Black Mirror, Be Right Back – Brokebot Mountain – 19

Brokebot Mountain created by Blazing Caribou Studios is the podcast where some artificially intelligent people walk through a maze that explores themes of existence and free thought in science fiction TV, movies,  books and cutting edge tech gadgetry.  In today’s episode “Facsimile” Phil and Kari discuss a particular episode of Charlie Brooker’s very popular series, Black Mirror.    Episode 1 of season 2 entitled “Be Right Back.”   

Synopsis:  Martha, (Played by Haley Atwell) is devastated when her partner Ash (Domnhall Gleeson) is killed in a road accident on the day they planned to move to a country cottage.  At Ash’s funeral, Martha’s friend Sarah tells her of a new service which allows people to communicate with their deceased loved ones by using all their online communications and contributions. Martha is appalled, and decides to stay in the cottage despite her sister’s view she is isolating herself. One day Martha gets a message from Ash, and she realises Sarah has signed her up for the service. Initially, Martha’s displeased but, on finding she’s pregnant, relents and relishes their conversations. With her comfort-level growing talking with the synthetic Ash, it isn’t long before ‘he’ tells Martha about a ‘next level’ of communicating – one which is…experimental.