Buying a House - See, Here’s the Thing - 86

Episode 86: Buying a House

We’re trying to purchase a new home, and it’s not as easy as it looks! Episode 86 moves into real estate territory Kate and Patrick discuss the ups and down of buying a house.
See, here’s the thing about buying a home:  it’s actually more difficult to clean out your current residence!  Not to mention the tiny things you find in the process, like mice watching porn on Netflix and the discovery that Snow White may be the best Disney lover.
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We make a list of our new home must-haves and pour over celebrity house amenities.  Buzzfeed provides us with silly entertainment as we read through their list of 24 Real Estate Ads That Totally Nailed It.  Lastly, we launch into a game of Home Buyers: Would You Rather?
We also give our two cents on Solo: A Star Wars Story, announce a trivia giveaway, take a look at our new merch shirts, discuss the royal wedding, and giggle over the new Bad Lip Reading.
Oh, and Patrick still can’t pronounce “Alden Ehrenreich.”

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Hosted by: Kate & Patrick