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Camels - Varmints! - 110

Camels! Paul and Donna are back with another episode of Varmints! to talk about the amazing world of those ancient ships of the desert: camels! […]

Maniac - Brokebot Mountain - 86

Maniac Following a few weeks of medical experimentation, David and Phil return to Brokebot Mountain to discuss the Netflix series Maniac.  The guy talk about […]

Cats - Varmints! - 107

Cats! Paul and Donna sharpen their claws and pounce on the topic of cats! Come swat the ball of yarn around with us this week […]

Geese - Varmints! - 106

Geese! Hey you silly geese! Paul and Donna are here to talk about the fascinating, misunderstood lives of another one of our feathered friends! But […]

Earthworms - Varmints! - 104

Earthworms! This week on the Varmints! podcast join Paul and Donna to talk about those squishity, squiggly dirt eatin’ chums, the earthworms! But first, the […]

Brown Bears - Varmints! - 103

Brown Bears! This week on the Varmints! podcast join Paul and Donna for the much anticipated and long awaited brown bears episode! But first, the […]

Badgers - Varmints! - 102

Badgers! This week on the Varmints! podcast Paul and Donna discuss those feisty burrowing European and American badgers! But first, the news! Maine… Badgers and […]

Scorpions - Varmints! - 101

Scorpions! This week on Varmints! Podcast, join Paul and Donna for a discussion of those skittery little weirdos, scorpions! But first, the news! Swaner EcoCenter […]

Emus - Varmints! - 100

Emus! Woo hoo! It’s our 100th episode and we have all sorts of fun stuff in store! First, we’re joined by nationally recognized biologist and […]

Sea Turtles - Varmints! - 99

Sea Turtles! Who doesn’t love sea turtles? Paul is joined by his smart, hilarious daughter Baylee on this week’s long awaited episode about them! In […]

Pigs Revisited- Varmints! - 98

Pigs Revisited! Join the Varmints! podcast for this rerun of our episode about those wiggly-tailed barnyard superstars, pigs! But first, the news! You can swim […]

Crabs - Varmints! - 97

Crabs! Donna is on vacation so Mandy and Melissa from Moms and Murder join Paul to discuss those crabby (and delicious) crabs! Moms and Murder […]

Tigers - Varmints - 96

Tigers! This week Paul and Donna are discussing the largest member of the cat family: tigers! These big stripey guys are incredible! But first the […]

GLOW - Brokebot Mountain - 82

GLOW This week, the tag-team duo of “Dangerous” David Luzader and “Phurious” Phil Rood step into the ring to go toe-to-toe with the best Netflix has […]

Hyenas - Varmints - 94

Hyenas! This week Paul and Donna are talking about hyenas! These smelly savanna scavengers are surprisingly super! But first the news! Don’t invite hyenas to […]

Dragonflies - Varmints - 92

Dragonflies! We always notice and appreciate the lovely reviews you give us. Thank you. Thanks so much to Andrea Freitas for the recommendation this week. […]

Iguanas - Varmints - 91

Iguanas! This week on Varmints! podcast, we delve into the world of the extraordinary iguanas. It’s much bigger, and way weirder than you thought! But […]

Ants - Varmints - 90

Ants! We’ve got ants in our pants to talk to you about the amazing, adaptable, astonishing ant! But first, the news! Flying ant invasion has […]

Hammerhead Sharks - Varmints - 89

Hammerhead Sharks! Chris Green (Toph) from the GravityBeard podcast joins Donna this week to discuss those bizarre and wonderful hammerhead sharks! Thanks so much to […]