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Josh Hallmark from the Our Americana network joins Donna this week to talk about the speediest of all land varmints: cheetahs!

Thanks so much to Josh for filling in this week!. He produces several podcasts including a couple that Paul and Donna have been guests on! Once you’re done listening to this week’s show you can check all the shows on his network out here. Or just click on the image below. Now on with the show!

The news!

A thrilling African safari got a little too thrilling for these tourists! Courtesy of CBS news:

Hey gang! I’m Brad! Welcome to Africa! I’ll make this really quick because I’m a cheetah and that’s kind of what I do and I know you want to get on with your safari but have you ever been interested in purchasing a time share?

Here’s a link to the place our buddy Josh talked about: Safari West!

An ancient evolutionary bottleneck resulted in a lack of genetic variation in today’s cheetah population! Courtesy of Berkeley U.


The cubs in this picture are likely half-siblings.

Supplemental info woo hoo! Courtesy of

Sure cheetahs use their speed to hunt prey but did you know that their inner ears are critical to hunting success? Wow! Courtesy of

On to pop culture! Witterquick was a cheetah from the 80’s animated series Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light! Video courtesy of YouTube user Old Cartoons Network:

And then there’s The Cheetah (dun dun DUUUNNNNNN) who of course was one of Wonder Woman’s several nemeses!

Not only do humans have pet dogs, some cheetahs do too! Courtesy of


Dogs and cheetahs living together. Mass hysteria.

Now you know even more about cheetahs than you did this morning! What do you think of them? We want to hear from you! Send us your suggestions for animals you’d like to hear us talk about, or just drop us a line about anything at! We might even read your email on the show.

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