Chickens Revisited - Varmints! - 61


The Varmints podcast decided to tackle good ol’ chickens for our rerun show this week. Chickens are tough little birds that are smarter than you probably think they are, plus they are entertaining and gregarious with a vital and storied history. They are also delicious! So come and join us, don’t be such a chicken!


In the news: In the dead of night last weekend in North Carolina’s Alexander County, a massive concrete statue of a rooster disappeared from its perch in front of a poultry farm. Courtesy of NPR.



The thief has run “afoul” of the law.

Late breaking news: While we were preparing the show notes it was discovered that that chicken in your Subway sandwich might not be totally chicken. Here’s the article on NPR.


Hey are you gonna finish that Oven Roasted Mystery Meat sub?

Chickens make great backyard pets and bonus! They lay eggs! Here are some of the best breeds to be your chickeny buddies. Courtesy of HGTV.


We know you’re not satisfied until you’ve seen some of the WEIRDEST chickens, so here’s a link and here’s a sample! Courtesy of All Day.


This chicken is way more goth than you. WAY more.

Want to talk to a chicken? Well, you can try, if you can learn their language! Good luck but here’s a great article about it. Courtesy of the Flip Flop Ranch.


Want ten hours of chicken sounds? You know you do. Put it in the background while you work and you’ll swear you had your own farmyard outside your office window. Courtesy of YouTube user SoundEffects (10 Hours)


Think your toddler is smart? Well, they can’t out perform baby chickens when it comes to math. “Chick” out this BBC News article and learn all about it!


Now, another exciting episode in the life of the most fantastic crime fighter the world has ever known … Chicken Man! (He’s everywhere, he’s everywhere!) Courtesy of YouTube user walbergstudios, and Courtesy of This American Life and YouTube user courtneydjames.

Did you know that the Chicken Man radio show is in the public domain? You can listen to the entire series right here at!

What do you suppose the most dangerous creature in the entire Legend of Zelda video game franchise could be? How about chickens? Or, Cuccos, as they say in the game. Do not mess with these fluttery badasses! Courtesy of YouTube user xPAINx.

There are dozens of ways that chicken idioms have made their way into the English language. Check out this list!

The earliest ancestor of the chicken is none other than the Red Jungle Fowl. You got it, there are JUNGLE CHICKENS, and they are amazing! Check out the article about them on Wikipedia. Bok!

Don’t forget this week on Varmints, we’re having our first contest ever! Send us your chicken recipes, and we will try them out. The winner will receive the original drawing of a chicken, from Blazing Caribou staff artist Phil Rood! Get those recipes to us at!

Now you’re an expert on chickens! What’s your opinion on them? We want to hear from you! Send us your suggestions for animals you’d like to hear us talk about, or just drop us a line about anything at ! We might even read your fascinating email on the show.

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