Cobras - Varmints! - 114


Get ready to slither and hissss with Paul and Donna this week in our very first episode about a snek; the cobra!

But first, the news!

A third king cobra caught at Kathu construction camp. Article courtesy of

Wow this snek is huge! Wait, there’s more than one?

Cobra hood mechanism revealed by electrode study. Article courtesy of

Thissss isss important sssssstufff!

Cobras Spit Venom at Eyes With Nearly Perfect Aim! Article courtesy of

Don’t tesssst me, humanssss!

GI Joe Cobra Commander: That is Disgusting! Courtesy of YouTube user black2much.

He likes to hear the sound of his own voice, though we’re not sure why!

Lion Guard - Scar talks with Ushari about Lion Guard, courtesy of YouTube user MelBlanc222.

How sneaky and snakey!

Can Intelligence be Measured? Video courtesy of YouTube user Arizona Public Media.

A talk about smartypantsness and how smartypantsness happens!

Itsy Bitsy Spider…: Infants React with Increased Arousal to Spiders and Snakes. Article courtesy of

Human instinct says SNEK!!!


Intimate secrets of the snake’s forked tongue. Article courtesy of


Ssssssmellls in ssssstereo!
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