Talkin’ Politics at the Cracker Barrel – Two Peas – 37

Bended Knee

Talkin’ Politics at the Cracker Barrel

This week Gerald is joined by co-host, Katie Ward (The Enthusiasm Enthusiast). We discuss all things POTUS 45 (including the disturbing Trans military news), Justin Bieber, Comic Con, Trump’s “speech” to the Boy Scouts, more newsworthy stories out of Florida, RIP Chester of Linkin Park and much more. Enjoy and share!

Find our guest, Katie Ward, on Twitter @KatieFWard and her website, The Enthusiasm Enthusiast.

Find this week’s #PodernFamily shows on Twitter @SpikeThePuns and @ViaVHS.


Intro/Outro: “What’s Up?” by 4 Non Blondes. 1994, Interscope Records. All Rights Reserved.

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