Crikey! The Varmints! podcast is swimmin’ with the crocodiles this week! Join two clueless blokes named Paul as they talk about Crocodile Dundee, share both their appreciation of the one and only Steve Irwin and their disdain of Crocs, and become experts on these living dinosaurs!

Here’s some stuff we referenced on the show:

First of all, don’t be a dumb-dumb! Go to this website so that you can learn the difference between crocodiles and alligators!

Here’s a prime example of misleading YouTube video titles. This policeman in Florida is apprehending an alligator, not a crocodile! You can see it’s rounded snout near the end of the video. Courtesy of YouTube user videoshd2014:

Now THIS is an American Crocodile being removed from a swimming pool. Not common in Florida, but not uncommon either. Again, note the snout shape. It’s a dead giveaway. Courtesy of YouTube user Chris Guinto:

Since crocodiles don’t eat baby carrots and hummus or chips and salsa, this is the part of the blog post where you get to watch them eating what they normally eat: various animals. So if you’re sensitive to this kind of stuff, just keep on scrolling for a while:


Hooves, horns and thick hide are not a problem for crocodiles. Video courtesy of YouTube user Nat Geo WILD:

Neither is the family dog. Keep Spot away from the water’s edge if you’re in Africa. And if you’re a dog lover, definitely don’t press play on this one. Courtesy of YouTube user Caters TV:

Unfortunately, humans are on the menu as well. Want to see? Well you’re on your own. We’re not going to link to any of those videos here on the blog, but you can get all the latest updates in reptile maiming and killing right here at the website that Paul mentioned.

Here’s some dudes measuring a crocodile’s bite force! No word on how or if they managed to retrieve their equipment. Courtesy of YouTube user BBC Earth:

Finally, here’s the most Australian thing you will read this week. This is the news article from “The Australian” that we referenced about surviving saltwater crocodile attacks.  It’s terrifying, interesting and kind of funny all at the same time.

OKAY. Enough scary stuff. Let’s talk about Crocodile Dundee!

Rodney Ansell was the real-life inspiration for Mick Dundee. Here’s a really good article about his life. Spoiler alert: He wasn’t a great guy.

Here’s one of the most famous parts of the movie except it’s in German because why the hell not? Enjoy. Courtesy of YouTube user Chris R:

Steve Freakin’ Irwin. This man was nice to animals and is one of our heroes here at the podcast.

Capturing and educating other about crocodiles was all in a day’s work for Steve Irwin. He was a legend in conservation and animal education. We here at the podcast salute him.

There’s tons of YouTube videos where you can see the man in action. Instead, why not go learn more about his family, his legacy and his zoo at the official website of the Australia Zoo?

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