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Today on Varmints! podcast, we talk about the dear ol’ deer! We’ll talk about white tails and mule deer, and all the deery things they do.

But first the news!

Deer breaks into Seneca bank, carried out without so much as a buck. Article courtesy of



The Private Life of Deer, a Nature Documentary. Courtesy of YouTube User Nature’s Beauty.

Come along with Nature and watch a documentary that is way more interesting than you think it will be!

Whitetail Hearing – Supernatural or So-So? Article courtesy of


What’s that? Eek!

Original 1942 Bambi Trailer, video courtesy of YouTube user freedogshampoo.

Don’t get all twitterpated.

The Deer, a parent-child video game. Find it at


Super cute and interesting!

WoW hunter pets and battle pets that are deer to you all! Links courtesy of and


Gleamhoof fawn being frolicky! Video courtesy of YouTube user Hazelnuttygames.

Frolick! Frolick! Bounce! More Frolick!

The Decline of Deer Populations is surprising. Read all about it here, courtesy of


Winter Range #PROJECTMULEDEER, courtesy of YouTube user Save Mule Deer.

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