Donkey Kong Country – 8 Bit Avenue – 8

Donkey Kong Country

In this episode of 8 Bit Avenue, a podcast about that nostalgic feeling you get when you revisit your beloved and coveted retro games: Matthew Palmer and Katie Talmo dive into Donkey Kong Country.  Yes, another SNES game! Join us as we talk about the music and the good and bad moments while playing  this game.

More Nintendo love, yaaaaaay!   Katie discusses how this game gives her the feels as she talks about her memories with the game, and Matt shares some of his feels.  This week we have another go at “Retro Trivia or Trivially Retro”. Katie asks Matt a few quirky trivia questions regarding this week’s featured retro game, Donkey Kong Country. Tune in to find out how well he does!

Oh, and we discovered a trick to skipping the infamous mine cart level after recording this episode!! (Thank you!)

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