Ducks – Varmints – 75



It’s time to talk about ducks on the Varmints! Podcast! Paddle on over and join us for watery fun, but do not send us a bill! 

But first, the news!

Giant cardboard duck’s life on South Grand short after running afoul of the weather. Article courtesy of


You can see more of Justin’s work at Justin King Designs.

Ducklings Jump fro Nest 50 feet in the Air! Video courtesy of YouTube user Nature on PBS.

This is quackers!

Duckling jump! Video courtesy of YouTube user Per-Finn Nielsen.

Goth ducklings are not afraid. 

Why are a duck’s feathers waterproof? Article courtesy of


Just a’paddlin’.


Defying Stereotypes, Ducklings Are as Clever as They Are Cute Article courtesy of


We’re in ur pond, categorizin’ ur objects.

Rabbit Season, Duck Season trilogy. Video courtesy of YouTube user kenpoarniceguy1.

 Yoiks! And awayyyyyy!

Darkwing Duck Intro, video courtesy of YouTube user Lina Derpina.

Let’th get dangeruth!

Redhead Hens: The Parasite Queen. Article courtesy of


Redhead hens are notorious for shirking brood-raising duties.

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Featured image by Bernard Spragg. NZ., “Aylesbury Ducks” CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0)