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On this episode of Varmints! your clueless safari guides Paul Csomo and Paul Wilk learn about the Earth’s largest land mammal, elephants!

Here’s some stuff we referenced on the show:

Here’s the Washington Post article we referenced about the very recent ban on ivory sales in the United States.

How good is an elephant’s memory? Here is the fascinating article from Scientific American that Paul Wilk mentioned.

This public domain photo depicts war elephants used in the Battle of Zama. Especially noteworthy are the couple of soldiers who appear to be saying, “Sweet tap dancing Jesus where the hell do we keep the white flags?!?”.

Elephants + Mud = Happiness

Video courtesy of YouTube user elephantnews

There were SO many resources on elephants this week. We could have talked about them for another hour!

 We just didn’t have the time to talk about how elephants use their ears to cool down, how they communicate with each other by vibrating the earth or how the “elephant” is a unit of measure in meteorology. So take a few minutes to read these! They’re fascinating!

It’s just a dude in an elephant suit. With orange underwear. Real elephants are scarier. You’ve done better, Marvel.

Again, I’m not one to tempt Disney’s squad of copyright lawyers, so feel free to look for Dumbo videos and Operation Dumbo Drop videos on YouTube yourself.

Holy elephant crap nothing will make you laugh harder today than this video from the Carol Burnett Show. It’s Tim Conway’s legendary story about Siamese elephants. Courtesy of YouTube user The Carol Burnett Show Official:


A very special thank you goes out to Brad Guenther for suggesting this week’s animal! Thanks for listening, Brad!

He wanted to hear us talk about elephants. You can request an animal too!* Your comments, constructive criticisms, snide remarks, suggestions, questions and praise are always welcome at varmintspodcast@gmail.com. So what are you waiting for? Drop us a line!

*Real animals only, please. Seriously, if we have to sit here and talk about Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster or the Chupacabra we’re hanging it up for good.


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