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Welcome to Varmints! podcast! Today we’re talking about our tubular buddies from the Mustelid family, ferrets!

In today’s episode we deal with listener mail!

First of all, Paxton wants us to do an episode on the Harpy Eagle. Neither Paul nor Donna had ever heard of a Harpy Eagle, so we put it on the list! In the mean time, here is a picture!


Extremely pretty bird, and not a World of Warcraft mob. “I will be keeping my spleen today.”

Ferrets retain their wild cousins’ “Weasel War Dance” and it’s hilarious! Check out this super cute video, courtesy of YouTube user ladyhawk12.

Ferrets defy the law not to dance and cut Footloose!

The plight of the Black Footed Ferret is a sad one. Prairie dog control measures have driven this species nearly to extinction. You’ll have to navigate to the website of National Geographic to watch the video about this amazing little animal, because we can’t find a version of it on YouTube, but we encourage you to do so. This critter is still dangerously on the brink, but efforts to recover it are going relatively well. Click the link below for the show!

The Black Footed Ferret Courtesy of National Geographic


We are endangered!
Please help us by getting educated about how prairie dogs are a keystone species!

Ferret legging. It’s a real thing. The reason it’s a real thing? In dayes of yore, ye old poachers had to hide their snaffled ferret down their trousers. Video courtesy of YouTube user Nwsy World.

 Um. Okay…

If you like Comics you should definitely check out Get Fuzzy by artist Darby Conley. In his comic, you will meet Satchel Pooch, Bucky Katt, and even a neighborly ferret called Fungo Squiggly! Here is a link to his page at Comics.com, check it out!



If you want a ferret in the family, we wouldn’t blame you. But please find out how to take care of them first, they are not for the faint of heart.


Yes, we are CUTE.
We are also sneaky little shoe thieves with variable potty habits. You have been adorably warned!

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