Flamingos - Varmints! - 56


So you think you can dance? Few can match the goofy grace of flamingos, today’s subject on Varmints! podcast!

But first let’s talk about some cool flamingo management!

Flock of flamingos seeks shelter at Busch Gardens. Read all about it here courtesy of wftv.com.

Come on, Fred, let’s get to safety!

How baby flamingos become pink! Video Courtesy of YouTube user BBC.

Yummy crop milk!

Over a Million Flamingos - The Great Rift: Africa’s Wild Heart. Video courtesy of YouTube user BBC Earth.

A literal sea of flamingos. Flamingo pride!

Las Vegas Flamingo Hilton Commercial. Video courtesy of YouTube user AccessVegas.com

Donny and Marie Osmond have a permanent show here. Time to get tickets!

A Brief History of the Plastic Pink Flamingo, article courtesy of mentalfloss.com.

Don Featherstone, creator of the lawn flamingo ornament. This is the picture of success we can get on board with.

Mechanical evidence that flamingos can support their body on one leg with little active muscular force, paper found at The Royal Society Publishing’s Biology Letters.

Conserving energy can be beautiful.

Dance of the flamingos: The flirty birds have 136 moves to lure a mate. Article courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

Epaule or efface? Without arms it’s hard to tell…

Flamingo Flash Mob! Video courtesy of YouTube user Nat Geo WILD

Get your funk on!

And finally, Bird Idol! Video courtesy of YouTube user BBCWorldwide.

Team! Concentrate!

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