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fresh water turtles

 Fresh Water Turtles!

Paul and Donna like fresh water turtles and we know you do too! Today’s shellabration revolves around the adorable stinkpots that live in fresh water swamps and ponds!

fresh water turtles

Nature’s great variety of toitles is a bounty of cute!

But first, the news!

Everybody Is Showing Wolf Blitzer Pictures Of Turtles For This Strange And Silly Reason! Check out the article here courtesy of

fresh water turtles

“Dude, I’m I sea turtle, not a fresh water turtle.”

What Adaptations Does the Fresh Water Turtle Have to Help it Survive in the Freshwater Biome? Find out here, courtesy of

fresh water turtles

“I’m an eastern painted turtle! Aren’t I pretty?”

Want to learn more about turtle shells? Here’s a list of Ten Awesome Facts about them, courtesy of!

fresh water turtles

“Peek-a-boo! I see you!”

The origin of the turtle shell, solved! Read about it right here courtesy of!

fresh water turtles

Juvenile soft-shelled turtle swimming up to breathe the air. In most reptiles, birds and mammals, the rib cage movement aids breathing, but in the evolution towards turtles, the rib cage was transformed into the immovable shell covering the animal’s back. Image courtesy of RIKEN.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Heroes in a half-shell
Turtle power!

Sing along everyone!

Video courtesy of YouTube user EKhan33.

Where is the Discworld? Why, it is drifting onwards through space, atop four elephants, on the shell of a giant turtle, The Great A’tuin! Courtesy of Vimeo user Blue Heron.

“The turtle moves.”

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